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Service that Shines in

Livingston Manor, NY

Silverman Plumbing, Heating, & A/C:
Your Local Home Service, Maintenance, and Repair
Offering Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning,
Energy Savings, and Indoor Air & Water Quality Services 24/7/365

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What We Do Best

Our Services

With our wide range of services, upfront pricing, and flexible scheduling, Silverman Plumbing, Heating, & A/C is your trusted partner for total home comfort. Experience “Service that Shines” with our customer-focused service today.

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Local Trusted Plumbers in

Livingston Manor, NY

From leaky faucets to full repiping, our expert plumbers provide reliable solutions for all your plumbing needs. We offer 24/7 emergency service for burst pipes, clogs, and more.

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Heating Repair & Service in

Livingston Manor, NY

Stay warm all winter with our comprehensive heating services. We install, repair, and maintain all types of heating systems, including furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps.

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Air Conditioning (A/C) Technicians in

Livingston Manor, NY

Beat the summer heat with our cooling experts. We provide installation, repair, and maintenance for central air, ductless mini-splits, and more. Keep your home cool and comfortable year-round.

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Energy Savings & Home Insulation in

Livingston Manor, NY

Reduce your energy bills and increase home comfort with our spray foam insulation services. Our experienced technicians seal air leaks and improve your home's thermal efficiency.

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Clean Air & Filtration Installation in

Livingston Manor, NY

Breathe easy and improve your indoor air quality with our air purification and filtration systems. Our team installs and maintains cutting-edge solutions such as air purifiers, UV light purifiers, and whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers. We also provide professional duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services to remove built-up debris, ensuring optimal airflow and reducing allergens and pollutants in your home.

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Clean Water & Home Filtration Systems in

Livingston Manor, NY

Enjoy clean, great-tasting water throughout your home with our comprehensive water treatment solutions. Our experts install and service a range of systems to ensure your drinking water is free from contaminants and impurities. From water filtration and softener systems to reverse osmosis and UV purification, we have the right solution for your needs. We also offer well water treatment and testing services to ensure your water is safe for consumption.